Quick Tuesday tip: storing cilantro + favorite recipes

By Claudia Zapata | 2017-03-22 03:05:31 | 1 Comments

People either love or hate cilantro. Some people say it smells like soap and tastes like bugs. Some people are also extremely unlucky.

Count me among those who can’t get enough of the flavorful herb. Whether it’s on tacos or in guac, in salads or soups or salsa, cilantro makes everything better.

There are those dishes call for a whole bunch of cilantro, but there are plenty of times when just a little garnish will do.

In any case, there’s nothing worse than excitedly reaching into the fridge to grab some cilantro to give a dish that final touch only to find brown, wilted leaves.

I’ve tried it all when it comes to storing cilantro. I’ve folded leaves in a napkin and stored in a plastic bag to sad results.  Chopping the herbs and storing in a plastic or glass container didn’t cut it. I thought putting the bunches in a glass of water would do the trick, but that made for nasty, slimy stems soaking in brown water.

The key? The glass of water and the plastic bag.  Putting the stems in a glass of water like a bunch of flowers and then covering the leaves with plastic keeps cilantro fresh for ten days or longer. It also works for parsley. The photo I took below was one week after purchase. Amazing and life-changing, huh?

And, now that you know how to store cilantro, you can keep some stocked in the fridge at all times and make one of my favorite recipes with one of my favorite herbs. Click on the photos for recipes.








Now does anyone have any tips for storing basil?

One response to “Quick Tuesday tip: storing cilantro + favorite recipes”

  1. Tania says:

    Store basil the same way. Preferably sit it in a window where it can get light too.

    Freeze it in ice cubes for later use is an option too

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