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Life is a series of negotiations, and the decisions you make regarding your health are no exception.


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Do you sleep in or go for a run? Take time to make oatmeal or hit the drive-thru on the way to the office? Have a nightcap or call it a night? Life is a series of negotiations, and a healthy lifestyle only happens after thoughtful negotiating – with yourself.


With The Diplomacy DietTM, you’ll learn about the art of negotiation and use it to broker deals that lead to positive, lasting lifestyle changes. Plan and strategize to make the healthy choice, identify must-make concessions, eliminate self-sabotage, and create an environment that supports your goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, make exercise a habit, or have a peaceful family dinner, The Diplomacy DietTM can help you and your family move towards better health – without putting up a fight.


Weary from the war on obesity? Tired of losing the battle of the bulge?

The Diplomacy DietTM is the kinder, gentler approach to embracing health and wellness


No more body bashing, disappointments or bouts of guilt. Never mind exercising willpower. The Diplomacy DietTM helps you develop skills and strategies and ultimately, habits that keep you in control.


THE DIPLOMACY DIETTM strategies & skills:




Claudia ZapataClaudia Zapata, MS, RDN, is an honors graduate from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. The founder of the health blog, Claudia received her master’s degree in nutrition and is a registered dietitian nutritionist. With “The Diplomacy DietTM,” she has combined her studies of international affairs and nutrition to develop a peaceful solution to better health. “Whether it’s politics or lifestyle choices, success comes down to strategy and negotiations,” Claudia says. “The Diplomacy DietTM will teach you how to play the game that happens in your head – and let health win.


“All great contests are head games.”

– former U.S. President Bill Clinton